Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not so duh about the The Duhks

I had gone to watch The Duhks at the West End Cultural Centre in March. I must admit that before that day I had never heard their music. The only reason I was there was because of their lead singer, Jessee Havey.   
Jesse and I were both performing at the Peace Service in Temple Shalom last fall. Jesse deserved to be there. I was just lucky. The moment she opened her mouth to sing, I knew that she was a star. It was one of those pinnacle moments in my life. Like the time I was standing in front of Queen Elizabeth, the time I held the Winter Olympic torch and the time radio celebrity Ace Burpee offered to buy all my paintings. Sure enough, I later found out that The Dukhs were a Juno Award winning band who was also nominated for a Grammy in 2007. 
Their concert was a sell out and that came as no surprise. The Duhks are back Winnipeg, and let's hope that they are here to stay! 

Leonard Podolak and Scott Senior got the crowd dancing to their beat.
Jessee Havey is a true star.
Jordan McConnell skilled not only at playing the guitar but also at building guitars
Tania Elizabeth played some beautiful instrumental pieces on her fiddle. 
Scott Senior is one of the best percussionists I have heard.

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