Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beyoncè & Jay Z On the Run Tour

Beyoncè and Jay-Z's On the Run Tour was very well thought out and put together. There were lots of costume changes, they sang over 40 songs, some in small parts. The audio visuals were very tantalizing to the senses. Even the back up dancers were top notch. But it lacked one thing...there was no intimacy. I did not feel that magic connection. People started congregating in the washrooms and foyers half an hour before the concert was over. Maybe it was the venue. The stage just seemed so far and I wasn't even in the nose bleed section. Maybe there was no chemistry between the Carters despite them trying so hard to keep it together. Beyoncè sang Halo while facing the big screen that projected a video of her child. The whole time Jay-Z was holding her waist but she did not turn to look at him even once. Not till the song was over and reality sunk in. The show must go on. And so they kissed. Am I reading too much into this?

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